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  • How do I clean it? should I throw it in the washing machine?
    This pillow is not machine washable, it is so easy to clean I simply wipe it down with a wipe.
  • Does it make sounds while I'm sleeping on it?
    ✅No, It does not make any sound while it’s being used, very quiet and warm touch.
  • Will the color fade out after I clean it a few times?
    No, Campway inflatable pillows will have the same color for a life time, they’re made with a high quality fabric.
  • Can I use this pillow while boating?
    😃Yes of course, It’s made of latest and highly durable elastic TPU fabric that enhances water resistance, so weather if you're in a boat with friends or family, or renting a Single Kayak and wanted to lay and look at the sky, keep this pillow in your packet!
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